I’m definitely starting to feel that my time here is winding down. This is a wonderful feeling, and will be great for my family (and friends) who’ve been concerned for my safety and the separation from my wife and children. It’s bittersweet, though, because there are a number of things I haven’t been able to accomplish. I’m well aware that the full measure of my (and this Brigade’s) contribution won’t be known for years. I’m also clear that in broad terms, I’ve accomplished my goals of enriching myself, and contributing to the emergence of democracy and security in this country, which will support our national security at home. But, I’m in the middle of one last big project, and am beginning to realize I may not have the time or energy to finish it. I’m also aware that I have to start planning to revive my business at home, while maintaining focus on continued survival in a war zone. Just a juggling act.

If you’ve sent an email or package in the last 5-6 weeks, bear with me. I had 600 emails when I got back from leave, and some awesome packages. My personal computer was off-line for awhile, and I’m working through the emails,etc. In regards to packages, although I’m down-sizing, there are a number of new Sailors and Soldiers here who will continue to appreciate your donations. The list of items is still available under “Care Packages,” and they should be mailed to :

Jon Singleton (or unit Commander)
TAG, 41st BCT
APO AE 09320

This way they’ll be given to the service members even after I’m gone.

Unbelievably, you have sent almost 400 boxes of donations for Sailors, Soldiers and Airmen through me, including over 1,000 cigars and 150 pounds of coffee. Additionally, you’ve sent 100 boxes of clothing and school supplies which have been donated to the Afghan people, mostly to children. For Christmas, I received, shared and posted about 500 Christmas cards, and I’ve been able to obtain and distribute about 1,000 calendars and 1,000 postcards to my fellow comrades. About half of these donations have been through organizations, such as OperationLoveBox and AnySoldier.com, but the really good stuff came from you. Thank you!

I know Afghanistan has been at the top of the news cycle for part of the week. This is mostly media driven, and regardless of events around VP Cheney’s visit, the mission continues and hasn’t changed. Getting noticed by the news is generally a bad thing, but hopefully it will provide us with more resources to finish the job properly here in Afghanistan. This is a complex place and requires time and money to get it on it’s feet. We’re obviously not quite there yet.

Everything’s fine here, and again we really appreciate the support, care packages and prayers. If you’ve missed updates you’d like to read, surf to www.jonsingleton.com to read past updates, see the pictures and to post comments. Feel free to forward this to anyone who may be interested. If an email of your’s is kicked back by my SPAM filter, just resend with the word “ADD” in the subject line, and I’ll receive it. Raise a cup of Starbuck’s for me, and I’ll hurry home