This is probably the final update. I’m finally home, and have had a little over a week to settle in. My kids are ecstatic to have Daddy back to play with them, and my wife is relieved to let go of some of the reigns, and the anxiety that’s gripped her during my time in the war zone. Candace wanted to share this photo with you of me cutting the faded yellow ribbon that’s been on a tree outside our home. I’ve returned to some of my old haunts, and things haven’t changed much. Some new babies, new spouses, and new jobs, but overall I feel like I’ve just hit the pause button on my life for 15 months. My friends did a great job setting up a homecoming, and it made me feel like a hero coming home. About 15 friends and coworkers met me at the airport with my family as I arrived, and then another 50 friends and neighbors lined our street as we came home. I had no idea they were so media savvy, but thanks to their efforts, you can see the footage and read the article from the First Coast News (http://www.firstcoastnews.com/video/player.aspx?aid=100119&bw=) and the Florida Times-Union (http://www.jacksonville.com/tu-online/stories/051807/met_170711975.shtml).

The homecoming has been a bit overwhelming, but things are settling down. I’m spending almost 6 weeks getting back to being a father and husband, and visiting family and friends before jumping back into the grind. It’s a bit surreal going from dodging suicide bombers in Kabul to dodging careless drivers in Jacksonville, but the transition is going well. As I get back to work, I’ll also spend some time speaking with groups about our efforts in the Global War on Terrorism, and how businesses and Reserve and National Guard employees can professionally survive a mobilization. I’ll be converting my website to real estate in the next couple of months (it won’t happen immediately though, if you still want to read the postings) and will update my other main site (www.RevitalizeJacksonville.com) with my current and new listings.

I’m looking forward to getting back to real life soon, but am going to wait a little bit longer. I’m really appreciate of the unbelievable support, packages, and prayers which have all helped us deal with this unexpected deployment. It’s given me a new perspective on priorities in life, and I’m looking forward to spending more time with family and friends. Thanks again for all of the help. If you’ve missed updates you’d like to read, surf to www.jonsingleton.com to read them, see the pictures and to post comments. If an email of your’s is kicked back by my SPAM filter, just resend with the word “ADD” in the subject line, and I’ll receive it and add you to my list.