“Work hard. Be Nice.”

It’s a simple mantra, but Jon Singleton has
used it to make a powerful difference in
the world around him.

His name is Jon Singleton, and he’s spent 42 months in overseas combat zones, including Bosnia and Afghanistan. As a Naval Aviator, he flew helicopter rescue missions from air craft carriers. He appeared before Congress, participating in special hearings, and received commendations from US Presidents.

Jon is a published writer who has written articles and poetry. He took time out of his busy professional life to train for and compete in six marathons with his father, as well as mentor his son toward becoming an Eagle Scout. He is also busy as one of the top REALTORS® in Florida (who sells more homes in one month than the average agent across the nation sells in a year), but who takes the time to call each agent who submitted offers on behalf of their clients, trying to purchase Jon’s client’s listing. He carefully explains why their offer didn’t get accepted, so they can improve their odds to better help their clients in the future.

Who Does That?

Jon Singleton does. While he could vie for the honor of Most Interesting Man Alive with all the layers of experience, accomplishments and bucket list items from his life, he is actually a down-to-earth guy who loves people and would give you the shirt off his back if you needed it. He is actually uncomfortable that his accomplishments are listed here, but his backstory is a key part of who he is, and how he became the successful real estate professional he is today.

The Road from Naval Officer to Realtor®

Jon entered the Navy after graduating with a degree in Psychology from Vanderbilt University. He spent a decade in the military (and later a decade in the Navy Reserves), working in the Pentagon in the latter years. His role was part of a branch handling housing— with a portfolio comprised of 66,000 houses and 120,000 apartments/barracks, overseeing a budget of $1.6 billion dollars. He also became fascinated with historic homes in his role managing major property restorations, from Hawaii to Colorado to Washington DC.

It was this incredible background—and a suggestion from a friend—that was the impetus for Jon entering the real estate profession upon leaving the Navy, with an emphasis on historic and luxury properties. He never looked back, and has been the #1 agent in his office for 15 consecutive years!

Work Hard. Be Nice

Core to his success as a respected and highly successful agent is his personal mantra: Work Hard. Be Nice. Jon’s driven to provide the highest level of service, and he works hard to get each client across the finish line. Being nice means treating clients with respect, dignity and care, going the extra mile for them, and making the experience fun. Being nice also means giving back to the industry, teaching and sharing his knowledge with other agents.

Multi-Dimensional Approach

Also key to his success in Jacksonville area real estate is the multi-faceted and multi-dimensional approach to his craft. It’s been compared to playing chess while others are playing checkers. It starts with his understanding that surrounding himself with an incredibly talented team multiplies his efforts, reach and responsiveness to clients. That provides home buyers and sellers with service that is off the charts good.

Finding the WHY

“As a team, we don’t just help someone buy a house or sell their home,” explains Jon. “We drill down to find the WHY behind their move.” This approach gives Jon and his team insights and discoveries that allows tailor made, laser focused strategies and solutions.

If you are buying or selling a home, whether residential, investment, or historic and luxury properties, turn to the Singleton Team and experience Simply Next Level Real Estate.