Meet Samantha (Sam) Snyder

Team Administrative Specialist

Sam is the virtual glue that keeps the Singleton Team focused and making great things happen for their appreciative clients. Her official title is Team Administrative Specialist, and she is a perpetual motion machine and a driving force behind the scenes for Team Singleton.

Sam has been doing her magic supporting the Team for five years. A stellar team like The Singleton Team needs administrative support at the highest level and Sam always delivers. A key reason for the Team’s ongoing success is that each team member brings specialized skills, talents and knowledge to the table. Sam provides professional support so that each team member can focus on what matters most, the success of their clients.

The genesis of this dynamic team relationship started with Jon and Sam’s kids being in the same preschool. “My children went to preschool with Jon’s and we also participated in Cub Scouts together,” Sam explains. “When my boys were older, I started looking for a part time job that would work with their schedule. Jon and I discussed becoming his assistant and it seemed like a perfect fit.”

It was a spectacularly perfect fit and they haven’t look back since. When you work with any of The Singleton Team Members, you can take comfort knowing that Sam is behind the scenes doing her magic, attending to details, following up, and making sure deadlines are hit and clients’ transactions move smoothly and efficiently.

Sam was born in Baltimore, MD. She moved to Florida in 1987, graduated from Episcopal High School in 1991 and then attended Roanoke College, graduating in 1995. Sam moved back to Jacksonville and has lived here ever since. When Sam isn’t working hard with The Singleton Team, she enjoys spending time with her husband and two boys, ages 19 and 16. She loves to travel, including two trips to New Zealand, with both times bungee jumping off a bridge!

“I also enjoy working out with friends at the gym, reading and listening to podcasts. I recharge my batteries by walking my dog and relaxing on the couch with my cat and family while watching TV,” explains Sam.