Marketing across my Network

I’m often asked how I market. How do people find my houses? How do I find Buyers? Can’t I just put up a sign, and enter data on the internet, and people will come? It’s actually really simple, but a little tough to grasp.

It’s prepping your home for photos, taking magazine quality HDR shots with the right lighting and angles, processing those photos for the best color and light, loading those into a site with analytics to report back views and trends, crafting a compelling story as it’s entered in MLS, subscribing to the right feeds (such as ListHub & IDX) to transmit the details to other consumer focused sites, sharing those listings on my personal, social media and brokerage sites, and incorporating video and SEO techniques to boost traffic, and lead tracking tools as I respond to inquiries.

It’s also activating my network of Realtors, with whom I’ve been closing deals for almost 17 years, and the Realtor Area Council I helped found and chaired for most of the last decade.

But, then, it’s creating the right signage, with a contact number that’ll be answered. Creating and providing an attractive flyer with all the info the buyer wants, without requiring them to share contact data just to get the price. Optimizing the mobile info and geo-coded address, so the home appears readily on their Zillow or apps (and maps). Keeping that flyer box full (printing & delivering almost 3000 flyers a month), and including your home on the back of all the others across the City. Using print media to share some of my portfolio, whether it’s the Wall Street Journal, Jacksonville Business Journal, Times-Union, or the Resident. Creating events, like the 100 or so Open Houses I host a year, and then sharing that on Social Media, along with tips on renovations, market news, and mortgage products, so that my follower base continues to increase.

And, then it’s the vast number of my signs, and my SOLD signs scattered across the neighborhood, and my 1000 past customers that spread the word.

It’s pretty simple how I market. I just keep listing and selling, and Thank God, people keep calling me! I’m really grateful for the business, and I treat every individual like it’s the most important deal of their life. And, I believe for the few months we’re working together, it is! Fortunately, most of this work is behind the scenes, and although I share some of the technical details, it’s the efforts of me and my marketing team generating 1M views a Quarter, and consistently putting me in the Top 1% of Realtors in the Country. Let me know if you want to know how I’ll market your home. It’s really simple!