Fall Market Update

Our new Buying & Selling Guides are out, and this is looking like a fun Fall! 2018 has turned into a GREAT move-up market, and the inventory I’m listing reflects that. We’re working a number of projects to make homes available from the $300K’s to the $2.3M’s, and I’ll blog about each and their progress. This month, we’ve got a Kitchen blowout in Ortega for a nice 4/3 that makes an incredible difference, and a spruce-up on the River in San Marco that brightens a home immensely. Also, we’re bringing an Avondale, Prairie-style classic on shortly, and some turn-key San Marco family homes. These add to the current inventory I’m marketing of $10M in homes from the Historic Neighborhoods to St Johns County.

If you’re thinking about Selling, I’d love to share my marketing philosophy with you. I’m a huge proponent of professional materials, and try to broadcast those pieces and information to as many Buyers as possible. Let’s talk about social media and flyers. I’ve also got a completely collaborative style, so I don’t use tactics to secretly show the home before it’s ready, or try to restrict other agents from making appointments. I know you just need your home sold as smoothly as possible, and my small team tries to do that with grace.

If you’re looking to Buy, I can help arm you with the best tools and strategy possible. It’s been a tough market, with limited inventory and confident Sellers, but I’ve been doing this almost 17 years, and have done thousands of negotiations. I Love this, and would Love to help you!

I’m also shifting where I’m posting new advice, listings, projects, and strategies, and am looking for feedback. Although, I’ve got thousands of social media followers, I’ve realized that’s not a great place to store content. I’m starting to use those connecting points to direct people here, where you can really browse in much greater depth. Let me know if you enjoy interacting with this here.

  • Jon Singleton, Watson Realty Corp.